Wool Dryer Balls - 3pk

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Wool Dryer Balls - 3pk
Wool Dryer Balls - 3pk
Made with 100% natural and ethically sourced Canadian wool.
How do dryer balls work?
Save energy! Cut down your drying time virtually in HALF by tossing 3 of these wool dryer balls into your dryer.
Store bought fabric softeners limit moisture absorption by leaving a chemical wax residue on your clothing, towels, and cloth diapers. These dryer balls will soften your linens without the use of chemical softeners/dryer sheets.

At 3 inches in diameter, these dryer balls are much larger than the average. This just betters the moisture, lint, wrinkle, and static removal!

To enhance your drying experience, add 5-10 drops of your favourite Dual Peaks essential oil blend onto each dryer ball before tossing them into the dryer!
Colours available are natural and undyed grey and cream. Colour combination will vary in each order.

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