Scent Descriptions

Baby, Baby
Probably known as one of the most comforting scents in the world...Baby Powder!
Birthday Bae
Vanilla birthday cake with sprinkles.
Black Raspberry Vanilla
A velvety sweet combination of blackberry and raspberry with a heart of creamy vanilla, followed by lingering nuances of earthy vetiver. A favourite!
Pop those bottles! This champagne scent is fizzing! *clink*
Crush on You
Sweet, juicy orange will take you back to sipping on something in a glass bottle.
Orange, lilies, lavender, and musk tied together for a soft, dreamy scent. Some say the scent is a sure aphrodisiac.
The bath fizzers in this scent may be jet black, but the uplifting lemongrass and bergamot will surely lighten your spirits and will have you ready to kick some butt and take names!
Optimal essential oil blend for relaxation and sore muscles (lavender, wintergreen & clove).
Peach Bellini
Picture yourself on the beach with a Bellini in hand…Yup, you got it.
Pure bar soap only
Unscented with oatmeal to nourish the skin. Optional lavender essential oil.
Rise and Shine
Juicy grapefruit essential oil to wake up your skin!
Sweet Currant
Black currant and bergamot. Sweet and sultry.
Tobacco Leaves
Notes of orange, vanilla, and amber. This scent is not what you think. Calming, musky, and mute.
A calm, grounding essential oil blend. Lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, and frankincense.